Ending Hep C
is Possible

Understand Hepatitis C Elimination in your state.

Viral Hepatitis
Elimination Goals

The Viral Hepatitis National Strategic Plan: A Roadmap to Elimination (2021-2025) outlines 5 goals for the next 5 years.

Prevent new viral
hepatitis infections.

Improve viral hepatitis-related health
outcomes of people with viral hepatitis.

Reduce viral hepatitis-related
disparities and health inequities.

Improve viral hepatitis
surveillance and data usage.

Achieve integrated, coordinated efforts
that address the viral hepatitis epidemics among partners and stakeholders.

HepVu Resources

Advocates and 

HepVu provides designed resources for advocates and policymakers to use in their efforts to advocate for Hep C elimination.

The Biden Administration Proposal

Learn more about the Biden Administration's proposed plan to end Hepatitis C in America.

Local Elimination Resources

Explore HepVu's resources on state and local Hepatitis Elimination plans.

Surveillance Status Report

Read the second iteration of the viral hepatitis surveillance status report that benchmarks the state of viral hepatitis surveillance in the U.S.

Surveillance Status Report For Advocates

Read a condensed version of the surveillance status report tailored for policymakers and advocates.

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